mtx_vector.c File Reference

#include "mtx_vector.h"
#include <ascend/general/platform.h>
#include "mtx.h"
#include <ascend/general/ascMalloc.h>
#include <ascend/general/panic.h>
#include <ascend/general/mem.h>
#include <math.h>
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#define USEDOT   TRUE
#define AVMAGIC   4


struct vec_vectorvec_create (int32 low, int32 high)
int vec_init (struct vec_vector *vec, int32 low, int32 high)
void vec_destroy (struct vec_vector *vec)
void vec_zero (struct vec_vector *vec)
void vec_copy (struct vec_vector *vec1, struct vec_vector *vec2)
real64 vec_inner_product (struct vec_vector *vec1, struct vec_vector *vec2)
real64 vec_square_norm (struct vec_vector *vec)
void vec_matrix_product (mtx_matrix_t mtx, struct vec_vector *vec, struct vec_vector *prod, real64 scale, boolean transpose)
void vec_write (FILE *fp, struct vec_vector *vec)
real64 vec_dot (int32 len, const real64 *p1, const real64 *p2)

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Vector math implementation

Definition at line 26 of file mtx_vector.c.

#define USEDOT   TRUE

USEDOT = TRUE is a winner on alphas, hps, and sparc20 we definitely should be deferring to ATLAS/BLAS routines here, right?

Definition at line 138 of file mtx_vector.c.

#define AVMAGIC   4

Referenced by vec_dot().

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